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Vine Pro ( 5 Pack )

Vine Pro ( 5 Pack )

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Vineyard Grow Tubes

Vine Pro Grow Tubes are designed to protect Grape vine or any vine plant. Vine Pro has been used in some of the largest vineyards in California and Mexico. Vine Pro grow tubes will work with any height trellis wire as well. Using Tree Pro's releasable zip ties, makes reusing this vine grow tube a breeze. 


  1. Vines can be established faster, and more efficiently than unprotected vines. Customers have experienced fruit production earlier than without tubes and other tubes in market. 
  2. The vineyard protectors help protect from herbicide spray saving time and money in your weed control costs. 
  3. Vineyard Grow tubes provide protection from wind, which can dry out the vine and stop the photosynthesis process with as little as 7 mph of wind. 
  4. Reduce materials needed to train the vine to the wire. The Grow tube naturally trains the vine to go up to the cordon wire. 
  5. Grow tubes protect vines from animal damage. Deer, Rabbits, and Rodents can not get to your vine while it is inside of the tube. 


  • Beige in color, which has been proven to increase growth and overall plant mass by California State University- Fresno
  • Made in USA from 100% Recycled Milk Jugs
  • Reusable Zip Ties for Stake or Cordon Wire
  • Slit Tube Design for Quick Installation and Removal
  • Stronger Single Piece Construction
  • Reusable UV 5+ Year
  • Larger 4” Diameter and Vented